Killing Pixies Fire “Bullet” Your Way

I’m making a prediction now that pop-punk is gonna show up in a lot of indie music this year. I don’t remember exactly what evidence I’m using to support this (it sure isn’t a lot), but we’ve got Killing Pixies “Bullet” for sure.

Killing Pixies are a pop punk band out of Detroit made up of numerous songwriters, and fronted by vocalist Pixie G. They’ve been making music since about April 2021. I’ve previously reviewed (and thoroughly enjoyed) their single “Killing Fetus,” and have actually had a chance (if briefly) to catch them live. They have some outstanding onstage chemistry, and really bring fun energy to their live shows.

“Bullet” goes by appropriately fast, and it’s definitely the kind of song made for a few repeat spins. It’s got some wonderful guitar work with some interesting riffs and guitar harmonics rounding out the chunky power chords. Pixie’s singing and lyrics are perfectly suited for the more “pop” and fun side of punk, and the bass carries the low end effectively, keeping the drums high, cymbal heavy, and hectic. While it definitely draws from some 2000’s style pop-punk (early Paramore comes to mind a bit), “Bullet” manages to feel fully like a modern track out of the Detroit scene (meaning lots of garage and punk influence).

If you didn’t check out “Bullet” when I recommended it on HI 5, here’s your second chance, the “Bullet” is still in the air, and it’s speeding your way.

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