HI 5 2/17/23

I really, really like that I got to put this playlist in the order of “Sing 4 U” and then “Kill For Me.” I don’t know what story that tells, but I definitely want to hear it.

Mickey Sunshine “Rock God” Feb 13

If you’ve followed me for a bit you’ve probably seen me talk about how much I hate Rock stars. This song sums up why pretty well, so KILL THE ROCK STAR AND LET THEM FUCKING BURN! No but really the idea of the rock star is a problematic trope that enables mediocre white men to get away with abuse.

Puppy Dude “Sing 4 U” Feb 14

Their is such a wonderful depth to the production in this song, you almost fall in. Immaculate vibes.

Aáyana “Kill For Me” Feb 14

The clicky bass underneath the track really makes it, its sort of unnerving and super atmospheric.

MiLES. “Oxygen” Feb 15

The intro to this song almost sounds like a John Carpenter song, and then it turns into some smoof R&B. I love it.

Hunyor “Me, Myself, and I” Feb 17

This song is low-key kind of heavy and I am super into it.

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