HI 5 2/10/23

February is really coming in hot man. MUSIC IS BACK PEOPLE!

Howevever “Here It Comes, There It Goes” February 3

You can check out the review of the whole album here. Really like the lyrics on this one, with some relatable musings on aging.

Beauty Saloon “Liza Minnelli” February 8

This song is simply very pretty, and the guitar is laid in like someone is knitting a warm scarf.

VELLOWS “Speak My Name” February 10

Man VELLOWS just keeps dropping some top notch songs. Dig the organ on this one, and it’s definitely an earworm.

Killing Pixies “BULLET” February 10

Actually briefly caught KP at the PJ’s Lager House. Great on stage energy. Great energy on this song too, really dig the guitarwork.

Post Eden “Smile at the Moon” February 10

This song has some really neat garage and proto-punk vibes, as well as a nice dose of Irish punk.

PSST. Down here. I also release music. Too much. I just released the song “Yellowjackets” which is on the playlist, as well as the singer songwriter album “You’ll Be Dead” by Justin H.K.. It’s about death, I hope you check it out!

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