Kyle Kaos

Kyle Kaos was a solo punk rock project by Kyle Kehus who was active in the Chicago punk scene from 2012 to 2018. Kyle Kaos’s first released album was Acute Control (June 2012) and introduced his lo-fi, electronic, alternative sound. His following albums were Negi Zonin’ (September 2013), and Finally Poor (August 2014). Additionally, he released a split, Total Request, with Radiator Hospital in February 2014 and another split with Away Game in August 2016. In true indie fashion, he wrote, recorded, and produced all of his music from his apartment in Pilsen. Kyle’s music advocated for his principles of positive radicalism (“being posi”) and “negi livin” (negative resistance for positive change). Kyle grew up in Michigan and his first band, Goodbye Heffalumps, performed in the Metro Detroit area. While attending Michigan State University, he formed the band Bogue Millionaires and they performed regularly in the Lansing music scene. Kyle passed away in December 2018 but his musical legacy lives on. All proceeds from Kyle’s music go directly to the non-profit organization his family formed in his name that provides scholarships to students passionate about social justice and activism like Kyle. STAY NEGI! -H. Kehus

Kyle Kaos performing “Kyoto Protocol” on Chic-A-Go-Go!
Its all up there folks, keep on listening and STAY NEGI!

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