Killing Pixies, “Killing Fetus,” Killing It

This is probably somewhat obvious, but I’m a fairly “hardcore” leftist (you know, I think human rights are rad). If this is new, or unsettling to you, please leave. Wherever you are, just get out of there. Anyways, I think punk is rad, and Detroit makes some pretty fucking rad punk. I’ve written previously of The Antibuddies, and we’ve got another stellar name choice with the band Killing Pixies. 

“Detroit Pop Punk band Killing Pixies is made up of a group of passionate songwriters and musicians lead by Pixie G.”

“Killing Fetus” takes on the war on women’s rights with some noticeable passion, and perfectly reasonable requests like “You want control of me/ Go get a vasectomy.” I love the way Killing Pixies deliver a poppier version of punk without losing its edge. The vocals are angsty, but clean, with the punk chorus background vocals delivering some slightly more yelled vocals. It makes for a winning combo and allows the vocals to soar above the thunderous drums, deep bass and hectic punk (with maybe a hint of black metal? Especially the tremlo solo) guitar. 

There’s a video out for it as well which is fun, and celebrates punk culture a bit. I’ll admit, I hadn’t been paying full attention to Killing Pixies yet, well, my bad. I am now, and you should too.

released October 31, 2022
PIXIE – vocals, writing
LARISSA – bass, vocals, writing
JAX – drums, vocals
LORE – guitar, vocals, mix/master
EMMA – vocals
MADILYN – vocals

produced by killing pixies

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