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  • I Love Sadlilblackboy’s “I Hate Me Too”

    I Love Sadlilblackboy’s “I Hate Me Too”

    Man, do y’all remember Gym Class Heroes. I mean, I guess I only remember “Cupid’s Chokehold” or whatever is was called, but I remember thinking they were pretty fucking cool. Sadlilblackboy definitely shares some of that energy with “I Hate Me Too.” Sadlilblackboy (also known as the producer nuq) is an alternative Hip-Hop group out […] Read more

  • What’s Updates

    What’s Updates

    What’s up party people. I uh, did a thing. I may have just announced a bunch of music through a release timeline, and by may have, I mean I definitely did. Anywhistle, I’ve also cleaned up the site quite a bit, and added a couple pages (Merch!). I’ll break down more of the releases as […] Read more

  • HI 5 1/27/23

    HI 5 1/27/23

    Sup! Noticed some uhm, changes around here? Yeah, I re-decorated a bit. I think it’s got better feng shui. Agree? Anyways, I found some cool songs this week. Wanna listen to ’em? Long time no see, gimme a……….. HI 5! Spencer Kilpatrick “Half Moon Fool” Jan 20 I really like the lyrics in this song. […] Read more

  • Songs Like Calum Baird’s “Few and Far Between” are Few and Far Between

    Songs Like Calum Baird’s “Few and Far Between” are Few and Far Between

    Well, this song might look a little familiar. After placing this on last week’s HI 5 I’ve been listening to this song over and over. So, let’s chat a little bit more about Calum Baird’s “Few and Far Between.” Calum Baird is a “rising Scottish folk star,” writing socially aware folk in the vein of […] Read more

  • HI 5 1/20/23

    HI 5 1/20/23

    Happy HI 5, I’m pretty high. Lyrical Philosopher “Stimuli” Jan 13 I did a full write up earlier this week, which you can read here, on this debut from Lyrical Philosopher. Classic feeling hip-hop. Acid King “Beyond Vision” Jan 18 What do you mean I was smoking and I picked a stoner metal song. That […] Read more

  • Sick Day and Jen Fur’s “death=freedom” Draws You In Deep

    Sick Day and Jen Fur’s “death=freedom” Draws You In Deep

    I wrote a decent bit about Sick Day in 2022, and guess what? If they keep releasing great music, I’m going to keep doing it. We’ve got a bit of a collaboration as well, with Sick Day and Jen Fur’s “death = freedom.” Sick Day and Jen Fur are both songwriters out of Chicago. Sick […] Read more

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