HI 5 4/28/23

Long time no 5. Well, not that long. But, it seemed like a long time based on the huge number of good songs to choose from. To pick these 5. Imma say 5 one more time.

Mickey Sunshine “Best Dad” April 13

Mickey Sunshine is on a fucking roll right now. Beautiful dirty grunge. Very dirty.

Calum Baird “It’s 4am…” April 21

Calum Baird is a proper folk star, always politically aware and eager for change, even while spinning a ballad about insomnia.

Lily Bones “Tactics” April 21

Saw Lily Bones a while back, glad they’ve got music out to talk about now. Tactics is a complete fucking whirlwind. I guess it’s prog rock, it’s this hectic, orchestrated beast with some goddamn fantastic drum work.

Prism Bitch “Woman” April 23

I’ll just open with this band is touring with Built To Spill, so, there’s that. Also, this song fucking rips. A deliciously crunchy and bluesy track.

Sick Day, Chaepter “Overexposure” April 28

I’m thoroughly enjoying these Sick Day collab’s. There’s an ethereal, avant-garde vibe to this track that grants it an inviting warmth.

Oh hey, I did it again. I put my own music on the playlist. This one’s called “Astroman” off of The Existential Dread’s album “(found).” Odd folktronica.

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