I Saw Gossip Stone, Lily Bones, Rosemont, and Saving Throw at Sanctuary Detroit

This is going to be mostly pictures, (which I am only so so at taking) so I hope that’s chill with y’all.

Gossip Stone (who’s song “Carry On” I truly adored last year) kindly invited me out to see them at Sanctuary Detroit. I did, and I had a great time. I got a chance to have a chat with Randy of Gossip Stone as well, who is lovely man. I had a great time, and it felt kind of nostalgic to be at an emo style show again.

Their set was tight and professional, with some very lovely live harmonies. I’m sure I’m biased, but seeing “Carry On” live was the highlight of my night.

Lily Bones was up next. They were way heavier than I expected, and It was pretty rad. Their drummer is a total octopus, and was a blast to watch.

Rosemont followed with an angelic and dynamic voice, and some even more dynamic quiet/loud style rock.

Finally, we had Saving Throw up. They delivered some really high energy, bombastic and complex proggy riffs that make me think they have been practicing non-stop.

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