HI 5 5/13/23

Let us hit our hands together making an audible noise friends!

Jason Channel “Mike Jack” May 3rd

I really love the beat on this. I can’t help but bop when this comes on, and I love Channel’s easy flow.

Walker “that shit is on you” May 3rd

Walker keeps coming out with these undeniably sexy songs. I love the bounce to the chorus.

Blood Rune Sigil, Ally Rose, Decker, Alexander The Long “Osmium Infinitum / For We Are Many” May 4th

This song is as adventurous and ambitious as the number of collaborators and long name implies. All hail prog.

Killing Pixies “FORK” May 5th

Do you remember in the hey-day of pop-punk and poppier emo when most albums would come with an acoustic song? Not all of them were great, but FORK reminds me of some of the great ones.

Love Seats “through” May 12

There’s a wonderful, hypnotic, almost dreary drive to Love Seats music that I really enjoy, and I don’t think many could emulate.

I released a couple of things as well since we last spoke. A simple Bandcamp only folk song from Justin H.K. “Just Another Drunk At The Bar,” and the guitar forward, neo-classical ambient release by The Existential Dread “Ambient Symphony I in A Minor.”

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