Get Washed Away In Heavy Sludge With PIT’s “Cynical”

It’s been a while, heavy music, it’s good to see you again. You know, I used to listen to you all the time, and even though you and I don’t spend as much time together, I really enjoy the time we share. Take for example, the EP Cynical from PIT, that’s a good time right there.

PIT, you know, the two piece sludgy hardcore band out of Michigan. The one described by AI as a “gruesome twosome.” Ok, I can’t do the bit anymore, but yeah. Those things I said. Cynical is their second, relatively short, EP following their debut in January. Cynical released March 17th of this year. 

PIT’s music kinda flies all over the heavy metal spectrum while keeping true to their hardcore roots. Their music is incredibly full for a two piece with hectic, insatiable drums, fat guitar tones, and intense punk vocals. PIT’s music often runs along the same lines as doom metal, even honoring it with an excellent Electric Wizard track that’s a lot of fun, and a lot different than the original track. My favorite of the bunch is definitely Guiltless Fascination though, with some tension and energy that reminds me of Converge and some overall excellent songwriting. I really love the change up in vocals mid track with their gradual increase back to full intensity. 

It’s kind of funny, because I’m pretty sure I just wrote about how I’m a bit picky with hardcore punk music, but PIT’s pure intensity, strong riff’s, and sludgy nature make for a strong ten minutes of hardcore sludge. They’re touring around in MI and CA soonish, so check out a show or give ‘em a listen y’all.

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