HI 5 2/3/23

Holy fuck batman, a lot of shit came out today. So yeah, lots of that stuff will probs get covered next week. Oh no! Too much good music!

Cheap Teeth “He Cracked” Jan 28

Cheap Teeth is always providing some wild energy, and I appreciates that about them. Punky indie rock.

Sadlilblackboy “I Hate Me Too” Jan 30

You can check out my full review of this one here. Pop-punk Hip Hop for the emo kids.

Babebee “sunset blvd” Feb 1

Off of their EP “tainted in our memories,” some fantastically dynamic indie pop.

Sage, Jason Channel, Dre Wave$ “SUPAFUNK – Live at Sage House” Feb 1

Big surprise, this shit is satisfyingly funky. There’s a really great live music energy on this song that makes me want to get up on the dance floor.

Butterfly Chaser “Kamikaze Love Cycle” Feb 3

Eyy, my cousin in law made some weird bedroom pop, and it’s pretty neat. Y’all should check it, definitely a vibe.

Oh hey, I also did a release today. “You’ll Be Dead” by Justin H.K. is available wherever you listen to music. Oh also, there’s a song from it after the songs I just wrote about on the playlist.

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