VELLOWS “Kiss The Bride” Is My Favorite Song Of January

Man, I think I really gave it all away in the title. I’m going to start picking my monthly favorites, as much for me to look back at, as it is for y’all to read about and enjoy. Anywhistle, my favorite for January is VELLOWS “Kiss The Bride.”

I talked about it a little bit on HI 5, and this song really stuck with me. VELLOWS, out of Ferndale, (Metro Detroit) “Kiss The Bride” really reminds me of the intelligent pop-punk of Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. Its energetic and well composed, with its fantastic solos providing perfect pacing to the popcorn like length of the song. Perfect for repeat listens. But overall, everything is on point in this song. I love the punky drums, the deep pocket bass, the energetic guitar, the expressive monotone vocals, and the top notch, not overdone production.

So, what are you doing, you should probably go listen to “Kiss The Bride” by VELLOWS.

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It’s been a moment since I mentioned, I WROTE A BOOK, which you can buy on amazon. Its called Stupid Shit: Adapted Lyrics and Poems, by Justin H.K. and I’d really appreciate y’all taking the time to check it out!

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