I Love Sadlilblackboy’s “I Hate Me Too”

Man, do y’all remember Gym Class Heroes. I mean, I guess I only remember “Cupid’s Chokehold” or whatever is was called, but I remember thinking they were pretty fucking cool. Sadlilblackboy definitely shares some of that energy with “I Hate Me Too.”

Sadlilblackboy (also known as the producer nuq) is an alternative Hip-Hop group out of Washington DC led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Quentin Jones. He’s been putting stuff out under the project since all the way back in 2017, with the single “Hold Me Down.”

I really like “I Hate Me Too.”  It’s got quite an indie rock feel for a hip-hop track, definitely delivering what I would call pop punk hip-hop. I love the intimate feel of the track, and the lo-fi, eclectic production. Oof, and the bass tone is just fucking killer. Lyrically, it’s definitely gonna vibe with the emo kids (myself included), but it’s got a lighthearted feel for a song who’s main refrain is “I hate my fucking self.”   

If you have any fondness for Gym Class Heroes, or just alternative hip-hop in general, I think “I Hate Me Too” is a no brainer for y’all, especially if you wore too much black (still do) in highschool like I did.

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