19 Haikus For The End Of The World


Concrete overwhelms

Modernity stagnating

Empty, hateful heads

Fucking nazis man

Hateful wastes of existence

Empty, callous shells

Democracy fails

Brutality dominates

Tasting big black boots

Disaster ahead

The river flows through backwards

We await the end

Ends precede themselves

The signs stay shining brightly

If you only look

In The Shit


For those with little morals

And cold, shrunken hearts

Ryan remembers

The feel of blood on his hands

Too often fondly

Anna remembers

The broken glass and the thrill

The smell of burning

A chorus of breath

Ragged but still infinite

Spiteful, rotten air

Empty streets. Alone.

Disaster precipitates

Green bleeds through concrete

The Sun Shines Through Smoke

On the horizon

Chimneys making happy smoke

Burning joyous fires

Redemption through fire

A long lingering gray smoke

Shining, golden ray

A verdant green dawn

A path always awakens

A shining new day

The suns golden view

Make art forsaken wreckage

Blessing each long march

Love Lingers

Alex remembers

The smell of his lost lover

Taken by the flood

Her blessed soft skin

Make quick these neglected hours

Tiny waking bliss

Waking gently. Her

Sweet breath fills my thoughtless lies.

Her presence devours.

Aged. Surprising.

Time thought to be forsaken,

Now filled with long days.

Buds breaking new ground

Dirt underneath fingernails

A new path forward

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