HI 5 1/27/23

Sup! Noticed some uhm, changes around here? Yeah, I re-decorated a bit. I think it’s got better feng shui. Agree? Anyways, I found some cool songs this week. Wanna listen to ’em? Long time no see, gimme a……….. HI 5!

Spencer Kilpatrick “Half Moon Fool” Jan 20

I really like the lyrics in this song. It’s well constructed, and he’s got a great voice. Sick solo too, right?

Easy Beach “catbath” Jan 26

Why would you want to give a cat a ba…. Oh I guess that’s the joke never mind. I really like how heavy the drums in this song are, and it has a cool, nostalgic, dreamy vibe.

Same Eyes “This Fear” Jan 27

Oh cool, haven’t checked Same Eyes out in a bit. I really like the contrast of the upbeat main synth melody to the kind of creepy bass synth under it.

VELLOWS “Kiss the Bride” Jan 27

Yes, it is definitely customary to kiss the bride. This band really reminds me of some of the more intelligent pop-punk like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Plus, another sick solo right, I love when they mimic the voice melody. Oh wait, another sick solo.

ghost orchard “all in” Jan 27

Oh man, now I’m vibin’. I don’t know why I never realized this is trip-hop before. Did I just forget that exists?

Oh hey, I’m releasing another album soon too. It’s called “You’ll Be Dead.” It’s singer-songwriter stuff, a lot of stuff from my book actually, kind of indie folk and rock. I think you’ll like it. I already released one of the songs “Trouble Ahead (Another Sad Song)” which we could listen too now.

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