HI 5 1/20/23

Happy HI 5, I’m pretty high.

Lyrical Philosopher “Stimuli” Jan 13

I did a full write up earlier this week, which you can read here, on this debut from Lyrical Philosopher. Classic feeling hip-hop.

Acid King “Beyond Vision” Jan 18

What do you mean I was smoking and I picked a stoner metal song. That can’t be right. Wait. Wait, no that sounds right.

Haken “Taurus” Jan 18

Haken are fucking dope. Maybe my inner dad is showing, but I guess this isn’t really the Rush kind of progressive rock. Kind of “djent” but I don’t actually know what that means, what I know is Haken are fucking dope.

Tia Gordon “Sunday” Jan 19

“Sunday” is appropriately breezy, and the horns are an unexpected treat. RnB to relax too, real singing on the couch vibes.

Calum Baird “Few and Far Between” Jan 20

I think I might be a sucker for an accent. I love a twang of any kind and origin, and Calum Baird uses his lovely Scottish twang to deliver an utter hands in the air waving lighters track.

P.S.: I included a track I did as a collaboration with my childhood friend Greg Paddock, “Ship In A Bottle.” 2000’s Emo tinged indie rock.

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