Sick Day and Jen Fur’s “death=freedom” Draws You In Deep

I wrote a decent bit about Sick Day in 2022, and guess what? If they keep releasing great music, I’m going to keep doing it. We’ve got a bit of a collaboration as well, with Sick Day and Jen Fur’s “death = freedom.”

Sick Day and Jen Fur are both songwriters out of Chicago. Sick Day’s music always gives me these scrappy kind of 2000’s indie vibes that I really dig, and “death = freedom” definitely gives this vibe as well, but also reminds me of contemporary supergroup boygenuis. The production has a really warm, analog feel that draws you into the floaty and intimate harmonies that stand over the gentle guitar. “Death = freedom” truly presents itself as poetry, with intriguing lyrics, thematic production, and some pretty dope track art.

“Death = freedom” is certainly one to check out, and as always, I’m excited to hear what Sick Day and Jen Fur (together or separately) put out in the future.

Their Socials: (both Sick Day’s and Jen Fur’s insta listed, otherwise shared pages)

My Socials:

Oh btw, I WROTE A BOOK! Which you can check out here!

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