Songs Like Calum Baird’s “Few and Far Between” are Few and Far Between

Well, this song might look a little familiar. After placing this on last week’s HI 5 I’ve been listening to this song over and over. So, let’s chat a little bit more about Calum Baird’s “Few and Far Between.”

Calum Baird is a “rising Scottish folk star,” writing socially aware folk in the vein of Bob Dylan or Neil Young, but in a more contemporary vein. I feel a strong sense of place when I listen to his music. It feels like something that could really only come out of the UK. I love the Scottish twang that comes through, and I’m a sucker for an accent in any music.

“Few and Far Between” starts with Calum Baird’s warm vocals and percussive guitar, but builds wonderfully into something string filled and epic. The production, and performances throughout are fantastic, but the real star of the show is Calum’s wonderful songwriting, and intriguing lyricism. Numerous lines stand out in this song, a couple of my favorite being; “Waiting is just a dead man’s game,” and “Shifty eyes for shifty times, got a 1000 stories not one of them mine.” You’re just going to have to listen and interpret them yourself, since that’s half the fun. 

I honestly don’t feel like I cover enough fellow singer-songwriters. That’s something I hope to change in the future, so I can continue to find beautiful songs like Calum Baird’s “Few and Far Between.”

From Calum’s Bandcamp:

“Few and Far Between is a mindful song with honest and reflective lyrics, offering an introspective outlook on a world seen through an artist’s eyes. This song embraces singer-songwriter and indie-folk styles to frame its themes and ideas.

The track channels a political edge through a more intimate and speculative perspective to talk about aspects of social life with a reflective, story-telling narrative so as to share my own insights and experiences in order to assert human agency over issues like alienation, burnout and loss.

released January 20, 2023
Calum Baird
Tobias Thiele”

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