Lyrical Philosopher’s “Stimuli” Stimulates

I’ve been working a bit on expanding myself, genre-wise, in my reviews, and  I would be excited to do my first hip-hop single review, but uhh, I can’t really review this one. I can, however, still tell ya to go listen to it. Let’s chat about Lyrical Philosopher’s debut single “Stimuli.”

Lyrical Philosopher is Detroit’s DaeSean D Ashby, who also happens to be a family friend, hence the lack of quote unquote reviewing. He’s been talking about releasing something for a while now, so it’s exciting for this to finally drop.

The track has a classic hip-hop feel with what I believe is a looped sample, and added drum loops. It all comes together very well, meshing effortlessly with DaeSean’s dynamic flow. There’s a good balance between faster and slower flows, and clear passion throughout. Lyrically it lands in the spilled ink/ alt rap category, but I’m absolutely no expert on this, so feel free to at me. 

Overall I really enjoy how much “Stimuli” feels like it comes from a deep, deep love of hip-hop. It’s a strong debut, and I’m certainly excited to hear more.



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