HI 5 1/13/23

Man, I’ve been busy this week. Music is storming in folks, let’s talk about some January sonic warriors!

goodgrief “This one’s about you” 1/6

Did a full review on this one that you can check out here. Some great emo-tinged indie rock out of the pacific northwest, great for fans of my 2022 album of the year “MEG/\DETH TEE.”

gabby parafina “TRAUMA” 1/6

Gabby Parafina makes sensual and intimate R&B that will definitely get you in the mood to do some terrible sexy dancing.

The Goddamn Gallows “Let’s Join A Cult” 1/6

More proof that Michigan is the king of American folk metal. Let’s join a c-c-c-cult with some Kveltertak style blackened punk.

Blast Vegas “Fate” 1/6

I did a full review of their debut album “Meet Me In The Mirror” which you can check out here. “Fate” has some really fantastic riffing that reminds me of that Cake cover of Sabbath’s “War Pigs.”

Sick Day/Jen Fur “death-freedom” 1/12

I’m going to try and get a full review out for this one next week, but at a quick listen it reminds of that boygenius supergroup from a few years back (Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker). Really chill.

I also released some new music today! Trouble Ahead (Another Sad Song) by Justin H.K. is streaming everywhere, and you can check it out on the HI 5 playlist, or on my BandCamp.

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