Blast Vegas’s “Meet Me In The Mirror” Pleases Your Ears

My favorite song last year was Blast Vegas’s “Girls At The Pool.” Blast Vegas released their debut album “Meet Me In The Mirror” on January 6th. Nothing has been more obvious, let’s fucking go!

Blast Vegas is a dance rock band out of L.A. “Forged through a lifetime of friendship,” and “Formed in a Las Vegas hotel room.” Like some sort of comic book character, Blast Vegas’s origin story beautifully matches their sound. Blast Vegas’s music is always, well, a blast, and quite satisfyingly depraved.

I really enjoyed the direction and production on this album. It can be a bit goofy at times, with some heavy vocal manipulation and some manic hip-hop style delivery, but I can honestly say it grew on me more and more with each listen. There is some Zappa-esque flavor to it all. It’s balanced quite well, with guitar, the delicious drums, and the wild vocals taking slight precedence over the pocket bass and more atmospheric synth.

If you enjoyed “Girls At The Pool” as thoroughly as I did, everything on this album should be pretty well up your alley, but that’s not to say it’s one note. While I do think the pacing could use a bit more change up throughout, Blast Vegas does a great job expanding and exploring within their dance rock sound. While “Girls At The Pool” has a surfy, energetic B-52’s vibe, songs like “3:1 Ratio” and “Fate” shore up the sound with some deeply sexy, almost black sabbath-like riffing, which results in some really Cake-like sections (and damn do I love cake). I do wish I heard a bit more like the song “Placebo” though, which I really liked as a contrast to the rest of the album, with its slowed down, soulful vibes. Let’s not forget “I Want You To Come,” which is something else entirely, and honestly pretty funny.

Is the conclusion paragraph a good time to talk about how great the album cover is, because, what a picture. “Meet Me In The Mirror” is a really fun album. I review a lot of great music, but most of it isn’t exactly fun, so it’s refreshing to be able to enjoy something a bit more tongue-in-cheek. “Meet Me In The Mirror” has personality, and while that’s not for everyone, you’re probably a weirdo like me if you’re reading this, so I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it too.

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