Oh, I Did A Book By The Way

The title is casual, I am not. Ask Haley, she’s been hearing me do random excited screaming throughout the house. Hank doesn’t seem to care for my enthusiasm. Anyway, I did a fucking book!


Had to sell my soul a little bit by self-publishing through Amazon, but it’s a very solid service on my end. So, what is this book? Stupid Shit: Adapted Lyrics and Poetry is unsurprisingly, adapted lyrics and poetry. It’s been really exciting to find use for some of the forgotten poems I had in my red book, and just as exciting to do some re-thinking and categorizing of my best lyrics. I really wanted to provide a good value and a reason for these poems to be together, so I’m quite proud of the thematic through line and the three act structure. Anywho, here’s the back quote:

Stupid Shit: Adapted Lyrics and Poems contains musings on Love, Life, Death, and everything in between. A book filled with unnecessary violence, sardonic nihilism, bad doodles, a bit of laughter, and an overwhelming sense of existential dread.

Well, so yeah, I would uh, really fucking love it if you would check out my book, available for ten bucks on amazon, and here’s a preview


Love Me, Or Face The Consequences

No matter what I do or say
You’ll never love me, anyway
No matter what I pretend to give away
You’ll just kill it, before your prey

My injured pride, will not abide
This dangerous road to forgiveness
My broken head, will play me dead
My broken heart will spin endless

Love me, or face the consequences


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