Good Grief you should check out goodgriefs “This one’s about you”

Good grief. No, wait, goodgrief. “This one’s about you.” Well, no, wait. This one is about “This one’s about you” by goodgrief. Some tasty emo tinged indie pop to pop off the new year.

Goodgrief is northwest US songwriter Ezekiel Rudick who says about his new project “I was in sad bands, now I’m trying to make happy-sounding sad music.”

If you’ve been following me the last year, you know I love a bit of emo influence. Much like his west side contemporaries Oh Lonesome Ana goodgrief fuses Americana effortlessly well with emo flavor. “This one’s about you” draws you into goodgriefs angst quite well with hectic drums and slanted guitars, all well his lyrics tear at your soul.

There’s a simple, but effective music video out there as well, which I will warn you is very endearing. If you were a fan of my 2022 album of the year “MEG/\DETH TEE” by Oh Lonesome Ana, then goodgrief “This one is about you” is a strong recommendation. Always huge respect to another one man band as well.

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