HI 5 11/11/22

I know I should mow the leaves on my lawn so they decompose easier, but I don’t think I will.

Fazing “In Between” November 11

“In Between” brings a lot of pop punk and emo energy to the table, and I love it.

Luh Tyler (feat. 50jittsteppa) “Law & Order pt. 2” August 6

I love the breezy flow on this and the sample is fucking killer. Definitely watching Luh Tyler.

Easy Beach “Dual Jewel” November 11

Big ol’ Modern Baseball and Front Bottoms energy on this track, and damn do the drums go HAM.

Bluhm “You Took It” November 11

I’ve written about Bluhm before, and they keep popping out excellent singles. Love the boomy drums on this one. Take it into your ears.

Killing Pixies “Killing Fetus” October 31

Just did a full review on this one, in short, it’s great poppy punk that doesn’t lose it’s edge, also FUCK YEAH to prop 3 passing here in MI.

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