HI 5 11/20/22

Man, I’m super inconsistent about when I post these. Should I take accountability or just call it part of my “brand” as an easy cop out? Not actually asking, don’t @ me.

Guilty Simpson (prod. by Uncommon Nasa) “Easy” November 18

Sometime that feels way way back but probably isn’t, I remember enjoying Uncommon Nasa’s New York Telephone (2014). He teams up with Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson on this one to “make it look easy” with eclectic production and easy flow.

Easy Sleeper “On The Run” November 18

This is the one that most grabbed me so far off of their EP Victory. I love their “wave” approach to modern indie-pop. It feels very 80’s without being constrained by the decade.

Charlie Smith “Have It All” November 18

I think this one came out as a single a while back, but this is a great one off of his recent release Not a demo anymore. I’ve written about Charlie Smith before on HI 5. I love his stripped back acoustic guitar and vocals approach to songwriting. He really utilizes the stripped back approach better than most.

Hank “Call Me Hank” November 18

This one is the title track off of Hank’s recent EP Call Me Hank. I really love the vocal production on Hank’s songs with their perfectly manipulated pitch correction, especially in contrast to the folkier instrumentation.

Rose St. Germaine “Gunslinger” November 19

I’m actually working on a full review of the album this is off Gunslinger (preview, it’s pretty excellent), but I really love the production on this one, plus, you know, I’m a huge fucking sucker for cowboy shit. Alt-country dream pop?

Justin H.K. “By Friday You’ll Be Dead” November 17

Cheeky right? I mean, this is me. Anyways, probably my favorite off my recent release DIRT, just me, my guitar, and a story about a man who gets killed over a pair of shoes.

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