Loops & Loops “Diamond Life” Shines Golden

Loops & Loops just keeps releasing solid shit. Peter Bogolub’s newest single “Diamond Life” changes it up from his usual vocal singles with flavors of 80’s synth-pop and electronica.

For those of you who haven’t read any of the previous Loops & Loops write-ups, Loops & Loops makes two things primarily; Shoegaze/indie-pop singles, and deep ambient albums. I like them both. What I like about this single is that it feels like he draws the two a little bit closer, infusing his indie pop with warm, and almost chip-tune-esque synth. I really enjoy the vocal delivery on this one as well, with spacey, distant production and a pop-punk style delivery. 

Loops & Loops newest single “Diamond Life” definitely reaps the rewards of all the years of experience and talent Loops & Loops has sewn, and I’d certainly recommend giving this one a listen.

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