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  • A Summer Of Dread

    A Summer Of Dread

    A dramatic title for some pretty non-dramatic updates. I’m releasing a bunch of instrumental music this summer, mostly under my project The Existential Dread. You can check out the convenient Release Timeline for the full list. First up is “Ambient Symphony I in A Minor,” which I think is at least a bit self explanatory.… Read more

  • HI 5 3/10/23

    HI 5 3/10/23

    It’s been snowing every Friday for the last three works like clockwork where I’m at. I call bullshit. Also, unrelated, a lot of lower caps songs this week. jev. “where’s the confetti?” Dec 20, 2022 Yeah alright, a little late to the party on this but, better late that never. Love the quirky flow on… Read more

  • Gary Link’s “Sweet Marissa” is Gothic Country Goodness

    Gary Link’s “Sweet Marissa” is Gothic Country Goodness

    So someone recently introduced me to the term “gothic country.” Similar to “y’allternative” I have no idea how I had not heard this, and immediately felt very seen. Anywhistle, would you like to hear some? I sure hope so, because I’m about to talk about some; Gary Link’s “Sweet Marissa.” I’ve been following Gary for… Read more

  • Salvage


    We arrive. Whole.Wholly surprising. The roads,Now filled with gnashing teeth,Once filled with quiet rage,Horns mourning time lost. ThatWe now reclaim, in small waysPrimal, butMore. Time,We salvage. Salvage Salvage, trash, or whatYou call, thatWhich to you has no purpose,But.To me.Oh! To me, the wandererThe stranger,The one who knocks.Oh! To me, the melodramatic.Emotions you cast away,I make… Read more

  • Howevever’s “Here It Comes, There It Goes” Is My Favorite Song Of February

    Howevever’s “Here It Comes, There It Goes” Is My Favorite Song Of February

    I recently reviewed Howevever’s album “Phenakistoscope” and really, really enjoyed it. It seems for me “Here It Comes, There It Goes” isn’t going anywhere, because it’s still kind of stuck in my head. Howevever really hits that sweet spot between more tangible, natural folk and the more produced vibe of modern bedroom pop. “Here It… Read more

  • HI 5 3/3/23

    HI 5 3/3/23

    Man, 2023 sure is, happening to all of us. People are releasing some pretty dope music, and that’s rad at least. Rosemont “Everything’s Fine (Not Fine)” Mar 1 I got a chance to see Rosemont (and others) live a couple of weeks ago. Man can that guy sing. “Everything’s Fine (Not Fine)” is absolutely the… Read more

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