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  • “Bisque” By The Quirk Is My Favorite Song Of March

    “Bisque” By The Quirk Is My Favorite Song Of March

    Sometimes I bet it’s easy for y’all to picture me in highschool, because let’s once again talk about emo. Early emo tho, like Sunny Day Real Estate, Moss Icon, or Cap’n Jazz. Post-hardcore that feels more directly tied to hardcore, garage, and punk energy. That’s what we have with The Quirk’s “Bisque.” “The Quirk is… Read more

  • HI 5 3/31/23

    HI 5 3/31/23

    I’ve got a real solid variety for y’all this week. Is it spring yet? PIT “CYNICAL” Mar 17 Michigan sludgy hardcore with some big fat tones. Working on a review of the EP, but I can at least say y’all should give it a listen. Tia Gordon “Cold Showers” Mar 29 Tia Gordon’s songs are… Read more

  • You Should Be Singing Halceon Daze’s “Are You Singing”

    You Should Be Singing Halceon Daze’s “Are You Singing”

    I honestly really, really love what starting a music blog has done for my music taste. I’m finding myself regularly listening to genre’s I thought weren’t to my liking. I keep finding fantastic Pop, RnB, and Dance artists, and it’s become clear to me that the there’s amazing artists in every genre if you know… Read more

  • HI 5 3/25/23

    HI 5 3/25/23

    I’ve been putting in hours at a real person job, so I might be a little bit behind for a few weeks until I get used to that and such. Anywho! I still got some music for y’all, a lil’ Saturday afternoon HI 5. The Antibuddies “LYKW” Mar 18 You should check out the full… Read more

  • HI 5 3/17/23

    HI 5 3/17/23

    Is today a good day to say “Fuck the Catholic Church.” Probably. Music! The Quirk “Bisque” Mar 10 I did have to look up what “bisque” is. French soup, anyways this song is probably better than that. There’s a tremendous energy, and almost epicness to this song that’s a bit hard to describe. Maybe I’ll… Read more

  • The Antibuddies “LYKW” is Like You Know, Pretty Great

    I’m going to say something that may be somewhat surprising; I’m actually kind of picky when it comes to punk rock. Certain types just don’t usually do it for me, not a huge fan of hardcore punk for example, and even in the scenes I like I might only be 50/50. If I had to… Read more

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