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  • Lyrical Philosopher’s “Stimuli” Stimulates

    Lyrical Philosopher’s “Stimuli” Stimulates

    I’ve been working a bit on expanding myself, genre-wise, in my reviews, and  I would be excited to do my first hip-hop single review, but uhh, I can’t really review this one. I can, however, still tell ya to go listen to it. Let’s chat about Lyrical Philosopher’s debut single “Stimuli.” Lyrical Philosopher is Detroit’s […] Read more

  • Oh, I Did A Book By The Way

    Oh, I Did A Book By The Way

    The title is casual, I am not. Ask Haley, she’s been hearing me do random excited screaming throughout the house. Hank doesn’t seem to care for my enthusiasm. Anyway, I did a fucking book! HELL YEAH BUY MY BOOK Had to sell my soul a little bit by self-publishing through Amazon, but it’s a very […] Read more

  • HI 5 1/13/23

    HI 5 1/13/23

    Man, I’ve been busy this week. Music is storming in folks, let’s talk about some January sonic warriors! goodgrief “This one’s about you” 1/6 Did a full review on this one that you can check out here. Some great emo-tinged indie rock out of the pacific northwest, great for fans of my 2022 album of […] Read more

  • Good Grief you should check out goodgriefs “This one’s about you”

    Good Grief you should check out goodgriefs “This one’s about you”

    Good grief. No, wait, goodgrief. “This one’s about you.” Well, no, wait. This one is about “This one’s about you” by goodgrief. Some tasty emo tinged indie pop to pop off the new year. Goodgrief is northwest US songwriter Ezekiel Rudick who says about his new project “I was in sad bands, now I’m trying […] Read more

  • Blast Vegas’s “Meet Me In The Mirror” Pleases Your Ears

    Blast Vegas’s “Meet Me In The Mirror” Pleases Your Ears

    My favorite song last year was Blast Vegas’s “Girls At The Pool.” Blast Vegas released their debut album “Meet Me In The Mirror” on January 6th. Nothing has been more obvious, let’s fucking go! Blast Vegas is a dance rock band out of L.A. “Forged through a lifetime of friendship,” and “Formed in a Las […] Read more

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes; 1/10 Updates

    New year, basically the exact same Dirt Witch Records. I’ve done some minor website changes, mostly to improve navigation. To be honest, as far as page content, I’m not sure what else I would add. If you’ve got some suggestions of stuff you’d like to see, feel free to let me know. I’m not actually […] Read more

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