Hannah Sandoz’s “Leaving The Party Early” Is Something You Want To Listen All The Way Through

It seems like in the past couple of years bedroom pop has kind of moved out of the bedroom, at least in spirit. It seems more popular now than ever with indie artists like Ghost Orchard gaining some pretty big momentum, but I do miss the adventurousness of some earlier bedroom and lo-fi releases. Hannah Sandoz’s “Leaving The Party Early” carries this adventurous spirit in spades.

From their bio: “hannah sandoz originated from the southern city of lafayette, louisiana. their arrangements implement morose lyrics and lush soundscapes, dense and vivid, like the ecosystem that bore them. these songs draw from a love of rich textures and large rooms. they evoke distant memories; we stretch to remember details, but it’s too blurry you just can’t make it out…. ooooohhhhhh nooooooooo”

Hannah has been making music since about February of 2019 and currently resides in Chicago.

I really love how whole, and cohesive this album feels while still taking the listener on an adventure (and one that clocks in at just under a half an hour nonetheless). Throughout the album is an avant-garde intimacy that cloaks everything in a shaping fog. Throughout the album there are elements of dream-pop, electronica, folk and indie rock but despite their vastly different styles there is a clear direction, production, and thematic thread that weaves the twelve songs on this LP into a true album. A great example of this is the last song “Perseverance,” which seems to summarize, or at least tie together the lyrical themes of the previous eleven songs. There is never a dull moment either, with fantastic pacing that keeps the album moving forward without feeling rushed. 

I think that “Leaving The Party Early” is an album that massively benefits from a singular vision. It feels poetic, and intimate in a way high fidelity projects simply cannot reach. Hannah Sandoz expertly combines elements of dream-pop, electronica, rock, indie, and folk in a way that feels like a true journey, with a beginning, middle and end.

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