Slowing Down

Y’all might have noticed, but I’ve been slowing down a bit on the blog. I’d been going at this thing pretty hard for a bit, and while it’s been nice to be able to cover more awesome bands, now that I’m working part time again, I simply can’t keep up that kind of pace.

I would like to make it crystal clear I am in no way stopping any of the stuff I was previously doing. I still plan to cover all release types, do interviews when possible, try and hit up a couple shows etc. I’m going to continue doing HI 5, but I’m going to move it to a bi-weekly basis. Honestly, I’m hoping to spend a bit more time on my poetry and short stories as well, and as always I’m recording and writing music for all three of my projects.

Please feel free to continue with submissions, I’m getting to them slower now for sure, but I still enjoy getting sent stuff!

Well yeah. That’s it, I’ve got some pretty cool Justin H.K. releases in the works, and a deeply personal poetry project to get out. Yep, I think y’all are caught up now.

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