HI 5 4/7/23

Finding something to say for the intro is probably the hardest part of HI 5.

King Cardinal “Silence” April 5th

There is such a steady build and release of tension and sadness in this song that is lovely. Love me some psychedelic folk.

Keli Holiday, Kwame “DOWNER (feat. Chanel Loren)” April 6th

I really love this intersection between RnB, Hip-Hop and indie pop. I mean, I guess that’s kind of what bedroom pop is, but this feels a lot more rooted in the RnB side. The production on this song is fun and addictive.

Howevever “Song For Brooke And Riley” April 7th

The first of a couple kinda tearjerkers this week. Really love the way the vocals are captured for this one, they have a tender, wavering vulnerability.

Gregor McEwan “My Little Girl” April 7th

Second tearjerker. Gregor McEwan makes incredibly full, simple songs. There’s a melancholic dichotomy this song that’s very interesting.

sleepyhead “Placekicker” April 7th

I love the bitter shininess that sleepyhead’s music holds. It feels a lot more similar to the 2000’s wave of post-hardcore than most modern emo.

I uh, know I keep doing this. But I, released another song and then put it on HI 5. This one’s called “Robot Sex” and it’s by The Existential Dread. It’s sort of a surfy, trip hop track. Anywhistle…

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