“Bisque” By The Quirk Is My Favorite Song Of March

Sometimes I bet it’s easy for y’all to picture me in highschool, because let’s once again talk about emo. Early emo tho, like Sunny Day Real Estate, Moss Icon, or Cap’n Jazz. Post-hardcore that feels more directly tied to hardcore, garage, and punk energy. That’s what we have with The Quirk’s “Bisque.”

“The Quirk is a Midwest Punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fronted by Bek Graham (vocals, guitar), Pat Brinkley (guitar), Jon Moody (bass), and Jen Tonon (vocals, drums).” They’ve been active since about 2018 and played a few festivals since then. They’re currently getting ready to play the upcoming STOOPFEST in Lansing (April 22, 2023).

I love the songwriting on “Bisque” with it’s slightly western sounding intro fading back into manic, high energy melodic punk that feels complicated and hooky all at once. The guitars have a high, slanted feel that contrasts with the low straight drumming and deep bass. I really love the edge on the vocals, maintaining high energy as they switch between singing, yelling, and somewhere in between in a way that reminds me a bit of another Grand Rapids favorite, La Dispute (though significantly less screamo-y,… and cringe-y). The lyrics actually have a bit of that spoken word poetry vibe as well.

I really love the mathy and hectic energy of this song. It feel a lot like the early days of emo, especially akin to bands like Moss Icon that were more recognizable to most as punk rock then what we would call the “emo” or post-hardcore craze of the 2000’s. If I haven’t been obvious enough, you should check out “Bisque,” and if you’re a show-going Michigander it sure sounds like STOOPFEST is going to be pretty fucking stacked.

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