HI 5 3/31/23

I’ve got a real solid variety for y’all this week. Is it spring yet?


Michigan sludgy hardcore with some big fat tones. Working on a review of the EP, but I can at least say y’all should give it a listen.

Tia Gordon “Cold Showers” Mar 29

Tia Gordon’s songs are always so blissfully chill, and quietly funky. Love the hi-hat groove on this track.

Mike + Ben “Lefty Lucy” Mar 31

Oops, my alt-country is showing with this pick. Working on a full review of this one (coming…eventually). Love the galloping snare.

Butterfly Chaser “Think 2 Much 2 Think 2 Well” Mar 31

We’ve got family in the mix, bias disclosure. He promised a vacuum beat and delivered. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna a be a whole new genre.

Jason Channel, Ben Beal “Oo la la” Mar 31

“And it sounds like” some west coast hip-hop. This song is pure popcorn addictive.

Y’all may have noticved, but I also snuck a release on here. “I Don’t Know” by The Existential Dead, some hi-energy heavy metal/garage rock.

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