You Should Be Singing Halceon Daze’s “Are You Singing”

I honestly really, really love what starting a music blog has done for my music taste. I’m finding myself regularly listening to genre’s I thought weren’t to my liking. I keep finding fantastic Pop, RnB, and Dance artists, and it’s become clear to me that the there’s amazing artists in every genre if you know where to look. Or if, you know, they send you their dope music, like with Halceon Daze’s “Are You Singing.” 

Halceon Daze are an indie electronica/dance band active since 2022. They compare themselves to bands like Rufus Du Soul and Crooked Colours, who I’ll admit I don’t know. As I said, I’m pretty new to electronica outside of ambient. They’re a three piece made up of friends out of Melbourne’s south east suburbs. 

There is a sort of, joyful hopefulness at the core of this song about longing. I think allows for it to keep a soul that not all dance music is able to achieve. Not to say this song isn’t a head bopper, it’s fairly upbeat and there is a great depth on the production of the low end that allows for a bass you really feel to counter the instruments on the high end, like the bubbly electric piano that provides a backbone to the whole song. There is a wonderful thematic build to the whole track, with different melodies and textures being added to the smooth as fuck vocals and bouncy electric drums, and then fading away with an instrumental linger at the end.  

Even if electronica isn’t usually your thing, or maybe especially if it isn’t normally your thing, I recommend you give “Are You Singing” a listen, because you probably will be. Singing I mean. Singing along. You know, to the song. Because it’s catchy. You get it. You get it? Right? 

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