HI 5 3/25/23

I’ve been putting in hours at a real person job, so I might be a little bit behind for a few weeks until I get used to that and such. Anywho! I still got some music for y’all, a lil’ Saturday afternoon HI 5.

The Antibuddies “LYKW” Mar 18

You should check out the full review I did on this one. Fun punk, with some great songwriting.

Mega Ran “Wrestling Is Real” Mar 20

Music about wrestling is almost always good, see The Mountain Goats “Hail The Champ” but I don’t know if I’ve heard wrestling rap before. Anyways, love the classic feel on this track, brings me back to the nostalgia of something like Last Emperor’s “Secret Wars Pt1.”

Setting Sun “Cool” Mar 23

Setting Sun has a real Sebadoh like, lo-fi indie energy, and “Cool” has a lot of folk instrumentation that just feels, tangible. Also a for sure earworm.

Halceon Daze “Are You Singing” Mar 24

I’m working on a full review for this one, and I really love the build on this song. It has a great soul to it that I feel like is often missing in dance music. It’s pretty impossible not to bop your head to this track.

Walker “Good Man” Mar 24

Look, I’m generally a pretty cis-het dude, but I think I might fall in love with Walker a little bit every time I listen to this track. Don’t tell Haley.

So I realeased a track this week, that I may have kinda forgotten to hype. Oh well. It’s some folky bedrooom pop by The Existential Dread called “Love Me, Or Face The Consequences,” which you can check out right on this playlist.

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