HI 5 3/17/23

Is today a good day to say “Fuck the Catholic Church.” Probably. Music!

The Quirk “Bisque” Mar 10

I did have to look up what “bisque” is. French soup, anyways this song is probably better than that. There’s a tremendous energy, and almost epicness to this song that’s a bit hard to describe. Maybe I’ll describe it when I get to the full review.

Mickey Sunshine “Road” Mar 13

This song sounds like some grunge rock that would be played at Buffy’s “The Bronze.” That’s definitely a compliment.

Portraits Of Tracy “The Afterparty” Mar 14

This song is a whole fucking adventure in three and a half minutes. Also, that bass tone is SEXY.

Julian Dysart “Man Down” Mar 15

Another beautifully deep bass tone on this folky RnB track. Chill as folk.

Dart Trees “jim watson you’ve had it too good for too long” Mar 17

So maybe I’m cheating a little, since this single came out last year, buuut the EP just came out so… I’m calling it in bounds. Anyways, I fucking love this song and its college punk energy. I tend to play it on repeat.

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