HI 5 3/10/23

It’s been snowing every Friday for the last three works like clockwork where I’m at. I call bullshit. Also, unrelated, a lot of lower caps songs this week.

jev. “where’s the confetti?” Dec 20, 2022

Yeah alright, a little late to the party on this but, better late that never. Love the quirky flow on this one.

King Isis “taste of u” Mar 1

I really dig the arpeggio like vocal delivery in some parts on this song, also the whole song. RindieB?

Lauren Juzang “It’ll Be (Video Game Song)” Mar 1

This feels like a mash-up between 2000’s indie folk and modern indie bedroom pop. Love the folktronica vibe.

Love Seats “night at the bar” Mar 3

This song is, like vaporwave funky, I don’t know man, it’s a whole vibe. Love the drums on this.

Hollow Hand “I’m Going To Let You Break My Heart” Mar 3

Off of their album “Your Own Adventure” I thoroughly intend to check out, psychedelic folk akin to Blitzen Trapper.

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