Gary Link’s “Sweet Marissa” is Gothic Country Goodness

So someone recently introduced me to the term “gothic country.” Similar to “y’allternative” I have no idea how I had not heard this, and immediately felt very seen. Anywhistle, would you like to hear some? I sure hope so, because I’m about to talk about some; Gary Link’s “Sweet Marissa.”

I’ve been following Gary for a while on the soc. med. and him and I swap compliments not infrequently, so maybe that counts as bias, maybe it just counts as being a rad person who likes music. Anywho. Gary Link is a singer/songwriter out of the Northeast US who mixes “country, folk and rock with cosmic elements.” He made his streaming debut last year in August with the single “Meet Me in Nashville,” which I also enjoyed.

I really love when country still feels “cowboy,” if that makes any sense, and right off the bat “Sweet Marissa” has a gallopy, measured feel that makes me feel like I’m riding a horse through the whole sad tale. It also contains surprising elements of grunge, with consistent low, calm vocals that are maintained as the music makes a short turn for the heavy that makes a huge, positive impact on the pacing. “Sweet Marissa” is also wonderfully ethereal, with heavy atmospheric elements that drive this song into what I would consider the “gothic country” category. 

I think “Sweet Marissa” is a fairly easy recommendation for any of y’all who have enjoyed my music, or are fans of alt-country and older, outlaw country in general. “Sweet Marissa” is pretty sweet, check it out!

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