HI 5 3/3/23

Man, 2023 sure is, happening to all of us. People are releasing some pretty dope music, and that’s rad at least.

Rosemont “Everything’s Fine (Not Fine)” Mar 1

I got a chance to see Rosemont (and others) live a couple of weeks ago. Man can that guy sing. “Everything’s Fine (Not Fine)” is absolutely the kind of song I would have burned my hand holding a lighter too in high school. I’m still a sucker for it.

Spencer Kilpatrick “Bare Bones” Mar 3

We’ve got some fantastic Americana on this weeks list, starting with Spencer Kilpatrick, whose track “Bare Bones” has some frantic energy, and wonderful horns.

Gary Link “Sweet Marissa” Mar 3

And here’s that other fantastic Americana. This song has a really gallopy and atmospheric vibe that keeps you riding through the whole sad story, and I definitely dig it. Also, love the unexpected heavy section.

Emily Gray “Despair” Mar 3

This song comes from a concept EP “Apocalypse,” and the whole album is a short trip (less than 10 min) that I would recommend. It’s so clearly genuine, and wonderfully melodramatic. “Despair” is my favorite of the 5 tracks.

Sage, Frank Sativa “HOPE YOU FEEL” Mar 3

Thematically this is the perfect chaser for all the sad songs I just made you listen too. Sage. just keeps popping out these wonderfully funky collabs, and I’m fucking here for it. Grab some herb, take a listen.

Oh hey, I released an album today. It’s called “A Dead Man.” and I’m pretty fucking proud of it. I’d love it if you’d check it out.

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