HI 5 2/24/23

I was pretty excited for HI 5 for this week, mostly because I painted myself a HI 5 picture to replace the old AI art with, and that makes me happy.

Blue Mena “Phone Song” Feb 17

All of the songs are a bit on the slow, emotive side this week, I don’t know maybe I’m drawn to the more ethereal stuff because of this stupid cold. This song is a real vibe, a long and winding dream.

Joyfriend “Good Measure” Feb 20

I keep dipping back into the Chicago scene because I really love what it’s putting out right now, a lot of fantastic indie rock and folk compositions. Just some bonkers songwriters there right now.

Dre Wave$ “Rose” Feb 22

Dre Wave$ put’s so much fucking passion into his flows, and his beats always carry that weight. Get it?

Setting Sun “Feelings Cure” Feb 23

I really dig the rhythm guitar tone in this song, its got and old-school, chunky feel that drives the song. This song reminds me of Dinosaur Jr. when Lou is singing, (ex. “Your Weather”).

Lisa Akuah “If” Feb 24

I know it’s kind of a cliché to call the works of intimate, vulnerable female songwriters haunting, but… I Mean, lyrically, musically, vocally, this song is haunting, melodramatic, and beautiful.

I also have a release to share with y’all, and I put it after these songs on the playlist, I hope you check it out. “Broken Bottle Kids” by Justin HK is brooding, poetic folk rock.

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