Loops & Loops “Field Theory” Sounds Like When You Dream Of Snow

It seems that this nasty ass ice-storm is at least mostly over, but if you want to think of the cold a bit longer, and this time more fondly, I’d recommend taking a listen to Loops & Loops new ambient album “Field Theory.”

I’ve covered Loops & Loops quite a few times on this blog, but for the uninitiated Loops & Loops is the work of Peter Bogolub, a producer/musician with about 20 years of experience. He creates lovely synth-laden ambient and shoegaze music that feels deeply genuine. 

One of the beautiful things about ambient music, at least in my opinion, is its ability to be both background and foreground music depending on how deeply you want to listen. “Field  Theory” walks this line beautifully throughout its seven tracks. There seems to be a theme of order and chaos, much like the unpredictable winter wonder it emulates. “Field Theory” can be a gentle snow, or a mighty blizzard. There is a melancholy longing in the aching electronics that perfectly matches the quiet contentment, as well as the deep sadness that winter can drive us too. 

If I’m honest, “Field Theory” almost feels nostalgic  to me, bringing me back through a slew of snow-strewn video game levels and a strange sense of calm. If you want to dream of snow, I’d recommend listening to Loops & Loops “Field Theory.”

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