What’s Updates

What’s up party people. I uh, did a thing. I may have just announced a bunch of music through a release timeline, and by may have, I mean I definitely did. Anywhistle, I’ve also cleaned up the site quite a bit, and added a couple pages (Merch!). I’ll break down more of the releases as they get closer, but coming super soon is Justin H.K.’s “You’ll Be Dead” on 2/3. This one is very lyrics forward, with plenty of songs from my new book. A little more country fried rock influence than the last album as well.

I’d also love to start getting some more submissions. I did a whole post about it a while back, but the gist is send me some music through the contact page on the website or through my e-mail (Justin@DirtWitchRecords.com). Ideally, send me an artist picture and the album art as well.

Other than that, I’m working on a whole bunch of stuff. I’ve found some old stories of mine I’m going to try and turn into something, I’m pretty far in on concepting a short serialized fiction, I’m working on a short story collection, and finally I’m putting together another poetry book focused on Haikus. Oh, plus music. Always making new music.

Wow, this one is really, just like, a blog. Neat.

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