Ch-ch-ch-changes; 1/10 Updates

New year, basically the exact same Dirt Witch Records. I’ve done some minor website changes, mostly to improve navigation. To be honest, as far as page content, I’m not sure what else I would add. If you’ve got some suggestions of stuff you’d like to see, feel free to let me know. I’m not actually being sarcastic here.

Get your ears ready ’cause Dirt Witch Records has got quite a few things coming your way this next month or so. Friday brings us the single “Trouble Ahead (Another Sad Song)” by Justin H.K., preluding the album “You’ll Be Dead” on February 3rd. Quite excited about this one; I think it makes a strong start for Justin H.K. releases this year, and builds on what I did on “Sad Songs For SEXY People.” Before that however, we’ve got the major streaming release of “Ship In A Bottle” by Justin H.K. , The Existential Dread, and featuring my childhood friend Greg Paddock on vocals and lyrics. You can check that one out on Bandcamp right now. Finally we’ve got the second and ultimate release by Bogue Millionaires on February 14th. Definitely more in the tunnel besides, as well as something I’m quite giddy about that will be coming far sooner than later.

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