HI 5 1/6/23

First HI 5 of the new year! Music is starting to stream out, but before we get to that let’s take a look at what we missed in December. Slap your hand on another person’s hand in a non low fashion friends, HI 5 is back.

Scott Thompson “Stella” December 16, 2022

Stelllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott Thompson’s debut gives me some strong ghost orchard vibes with some dancy and psychedelic instrumentals.

Hippie Jon “Dome Of Sand” December 17, 2022

Man, Hippie Jon’s music is so chill. Feel like you’re at the beach with a hippie serenading you with “Dome of Sand.”

Fully Bold “Drinking Lies” December 23, 2022

I stumbled upon this neo soul from Seoul when I listened to Suwon Kim’s (one of the two members of Fully Bold) “Escape From The Underplay.” This is admittedly nothing like that, but hell it is fucking catchy. This song has me bopping every time it comes on.

Steve Reich, Alvaro Herran “Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast” Dec 27, 2022

I definitely draw from the minimalist school of music, so I therefore have a ton to thank Steve Reich for. This team up with Colombian composer Alvaro Herran is hypnotically deep and kind of sounds like Minus The Bear.

Sonic Weapons “Rat Race” December 30, 2022

I took a look at Sonic Weapons self titled debut earlier this week. It’s pretty fucking great, and “Rat Race” might just be my favorite off that strong set of tracks. Fantastic thrash.

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