“Sonic Weapons” Makes A Deep First Cut

Ayy, let’s start the year off with some heavy shit (in the musical sense). At its heart Dirt Witch Records is an all genre music blog, but I’ll admit my reviews usually hit somewhere in the indie rock category. A lot of that has to do with reach, I know some people won’t really give certain niche genres a chance. I think that’s a shame. Extreme metal is definitely a genre a lot of people avoid, but I really think it’s got a lot to offer. I guess I say all of that to say; if you’re reading this, and you don’t usually listen to metal, give it a try? Especially since Sonic Weapons self-titled debut EP is pretty fucking rad.

From their BandCamp

Sonic Weapons is a metal band out of Florida, and this debut EP was recorded at the bassists home (Bobby Koala Productions) in 2021. You’ve got to love it when home studio stuff comes out this clean. Their music sits pretty firmly in the thrash category, and gives me strong flavors of Havok, Valiant Thorr, and early Skeletonwitch.

I really enjoy the riff variety on this EP. While there isn’t anything necessarily groundbreaking to the genre, riffs like the opener to “Braindead” make me want to start headbanging until the music stops. “Sonic Weapons” succeeds at what I think one of the biggest draws of the genre is, and that’s making you feel like a badass. A lot of things have to sit in place for that to happen; Strong vocals and lyrics that make you want to do shit, dope fucking riffs, fast and competent and drums, and finally that heavy in your chest bass. “Sonic Weapons” is no one trick pony either, with “Rat Race” being a real stand out for me, but totally different from tracks like “Divided We Stand.”

Look I already did that whole spiel at the front end. Try some metal. Try some rad metal. You should go listen to “Sonic Weapons,” by Sonic Weapons. 

Their Socials:

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released December 29, 2022

Burban Willyums – Guitar/Vocals
Lt. Dan Decker – Guitar
Max Power – Bass/Vocals
Feral Kid – Drums/Vocals

All songs written by Sonic Weapons
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Max Power @Bobbykoalaproductions
Album art by Col Slanders

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