Announcing: Ship In A Bottle (feat. Greg Paddock)

Well, I guess you’re hearing from me one more time this year. I’ve kind of been sandbagging on this one already, and I want to give Greg a chance to share so; I am proud to announce the release of Ship In A Bottle by Greg Paddock, and The Existential Dread (Justin HK). We’ve got Greg on lyrics and lead vocals, and me on the rest. It hits major streaming services January 20, but you can check it out right now on bandcamp!

Greg and I have known each other since we were wee’uns, and always talked about starting a band in high-school. “Ship In A Bottle” is a bit of a chance to rectify that, taking heavy notes musically from the emo and pop-punk bands we loved at the time. It’s been really exciting getting to work with someone else on recording a song, so big thanks to Greg again for working with me.

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