Letter From The Editor/Year End Updates

Twenty twenty two is almost through. It was a pretty good year for music. I’ll probably say that every year. Every year is a good year for music if you know where to look. It’s not like the industry is getting any better, or easier to succeed in, and yet people continue to make amazing music. Pretty neat. Life’s been pretty cool too.

Haley and I have a house in Howell and shit now. Pretty, pretty fucking cool. Hank likes it.

Anywhoo. This is the first year I’ve been really doing this whole music writing thing, so I don’t have a ton to compare to, but I’m going to remark upon shit anyways. Spanish language music was big this year. I mean, fucking, Bad Bunny, but also the critical collective love of “Motomami,” and the Spanish language general dominance on global streaming charts. I think that’s pretty neat. Also, EMO! I mean, I’m excited to see emo coming back. That was, a long phase for me (still in it really). It’s way better now though, less cringe angry white dude shit and more americana influence (some may argue not that different). Also, pitch correction is coming back in the fun T-Pain way (see Hank’s “Your Ex, Man” and the aforementioned “Motomami.”)

I released a ton of stuff this year too. Some would say too much. This is essentially Justin H.K.‘s first year on streaming ,and I’m happy enough with the growth. Released a ton of weird The Existential Dread stuff for their first year on streaming, and re-debuted The Existential Dead. Got the first release from Bogue Millionaires on streaming as well. Will make up a wrap up playlist and throw it at the end of this thing, remind me to do that later.

THE FUTURE! *clears throat* The future. Hoping to write even more next year, more reviews, more fiction, maybe some more editorials. Get in the swing of shit. Planning on doing some website re-design to ease navigation, and make it easier to dig through the back catalogue. As far as music, honestly trying to release a bit less, less and better. Got a bit planned already tho; First off we’ve got The Existential Dead’s debut EP “The Dead Rise” on January 6th, then we’ve got another weird sung symphony (very prog rock) with The Existential Dread’s “Symphony For Plastic Plants” on January 17th, and finally Justin H.K. comes into the year strong with the single “Trouble Ahead (Another Sad Song)” on January 13th and the album “You’ll Be Dead” February 3rd. I’m already working on plenty more (lots of which will probably land in the recycling bin), because I lack the ability to control myself, but that’s all I’ve got locked and loaded. I’m very excited for “You’ll Be Dead,” I really feel like I took what I did on “Sad Songs For SEXY People” and brought it to the next level.

Well shit. Guess that’s it for me. If you haven’t checked out my top albums, or my top songs of the year, you oughta. Probably the last you’ll hear from me, for 2022. Tell you’re friends they’re huge fucking idiots for not fucking with Dirt Witch Records.

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