Rose St. Germaine’s Gunslinger Shoots To Glory

Rose St. Germaine’s Gunslinger. I think I can summarize it to a certain extent, as multi-genre americana/alt-country with references to cowboy shit. Who made this me? Nah, but I definitely vibe. Gunslinger is kind of an epic album. It’s big, exploratory, immaculately produced, and well, pretty fucking good.

Rose St. Germaine is an americana singer-songwriter out of Detroit who’s been putting out tunes to the public since Feb 2020 or so (as far as I can tell). I believe this is her major streaming services debut, and if that’s so it’s definitely a strong start. Honestly, this album is kind of an adventure. There’s flavors of dream-pop, americana, alt-country, folk, and some plain indie rock, but at the core of every song is Rose St. Germaine’s grounded, americana singing and songwriting. From the hectic screaming electric guitars in “My Kingdom” to the understated and dreary acoustics in “Baby Have You Seen My Soul?” all feel thematically tied together. This is only improved by the careful and attentive production, full of little touches, like the clop sounds in “Gunslinger”, that really draw everything together.

Rose St. Germaine’s Gunslinger feels full of old soul. It feels like a proper album, bottom to top. It feels like it’s going on my short-list for albums of the year.

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