What’s happening party people, it’s time for a little bit of shameless self promotion! I want to tell y’all real quick why you should give SUN a listen, and why you should be excited for DIRT, by Justin HK, coming out November 17.

SUN is a spacey bedroom noise lo-fi indie post-rock eclectic explosion of an album. I believe it truly has something to offer to everyone; the extended vibey solo’s of “SUN,” the dreamy indie pop “EFFECT,” or the explosive electronica of “Basic Astrology For Astronauts” SUN is full of purple space flavor.

SUN is available wherever you listen, but you can support me most directly on bandcamp.


DIRT is a lot easier to explain (Justin H.K.’s) DIRT, coming to wherever you listen November 17, is a stripped down collection of some of my best songs, as well as a few new ones. With just a guitar and my off-kilter alt-country tunes, DIRT is as grounded as SUN is in the stars. You can pre-save here to makes you sure you hear the dirt.

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