HI 5 11/5/22

Music is pretty cool, you should like, listen to it.

pijama land “Bicycle” October 21

Je suis bicycle. I think it means I am bicycle. This song is rad, and dreampop is rad.

Easy Sleeper “Stay Home Always” October 28

I’ve written about DC’s Easy Sleeper before on these, because, well they rock. This song has some really solid Parquet Courts vibes, and, I love that band.

Vox Rea “Julia” October 21

Vox Rea is cool, like breezy cool. I love the hectic drums in contrast to this cruisey indie pop.

Loops & Loops “Diamond Life” November 4

I write about Loops & Loops a decent bit on the blog and it’s because; He releases a lot, his music is good, he sends me his music. This new single feels different then his other vocal ones, more upbeat, eclectic.

Two-Dimensional Boy “FVCK THIS” May 26

Emo bedroom pop? Emo bedroom electronica? Indie folk electronica? I don’t listen to this interesting little thing and figure it out for yourself?

P.S.: I (The Existential Dread) just released an album and added one of my songs EFFECT, to the playlist. It’s some spacey, gloomy bedroom pop, and I’d love it if you gave it a listen or checked out the bandcamp.

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